Acteva Fun And Challenging Activities

In ACTEVA we take pride in our many exciting and challenging activities throughout the country, amongst the vast range of activities you may find:
Team building days where you can get to know the people around you better and from a different angle, Fun days where you step out of your daily routine in to an experiential day out in nature.
Challenging rappelling, where you will overcome fears while facing spectacular views you have not yet seen.
Special activities for Birthdays and Bar-Mitzvahs as well as a lot of other enjoyable activities which will leave an impression for a long while.
All activities are suited for the clients’ character and needs such as budget and desirable activity time period.
All of ACTEVA guides are certified in their field of expertise, courteous and skilled in guiding groups.
All that remains is for you to contact us and we will be more than happy to organize the perfect and suitable activity just for you.

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Call 03-6529599Or Fill This Form & We'll Get Back To You Shortly.
Call 03-6529599Or Fill This Form & We'll Get Back To You Shortly.

"In the right mood and atmosphere, by means of special tools that develop
creativity, it is possible to bring out the best in every one"

Yosi Shemesh - ACTEVA CEO

• The team building activities are unusually experientially challenging and can take place in the time and location of your choosing.
• You are accompanied by a personal and courteous service throughout the activity from the point of preparation and all through to the end.
• Experienced team building guides will accompany the activity to make sure every thing is in order.
• Safety regulations are strict in order to keep every one happy and safe from harm.
• A vast range of payment means is respected for our clients convenient.

I want to thank you very much for arranging our trip adventures while in israel
Harold A Horowits D.p.m PodiatristFor More
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